Symbiont is the solo act of audio-visual producer and VJ Duncan McMillan

Original Audio-visual productions of the Symbiont, each crafted with original drum samples, various film and audio recordings and a whole lot of digital love.

These tracks are more or less my artistic visions. Audio creating mood with film to carry it. The combination of the two in one seamless motion - a symbiosis of vision and sound.

Lichenstein Music Video

Original Psychedelic Audio-visual track. Audio is a remix / reworking of Sharkweek's "Govorit" with additional audio, and all video elements, written and composed by Duncan McMillan aka 'The Symbiont'.
Video inspired by the fun had with the NZ Psy families, especially the other members of Team Optrix and the lads from Psy-tearoa. Full credit to Pete for 'Govorit', + also Gav and Vidman for their input along the way to make this track happen."