Symbiont is the solo act of audio-visual producer and VJ Duncan McMillan

31 October 2009: Symbiont relocating to Leeds, UK. Expect lots of new tracks soon!

27 October 2009: new track added - 'Lichenstein': a remix of Sharkweek track called 'Govorit', from the forthcoming remix album 'Shark N Taties'. Listen now on the Music page.

5 March 2009: new tracks - full-length ones - up on the Music page. Also two live videos from the Luminate festival.

21 November 2008: New full-length track "Magic Man" now available for free download. See the Music page.

11 November 2008: Symbiont website launched!

8 November 2008: Live percussion AV is now in the Symbiont live show - drums triggering visuals!

5 November 2008: Here's a diagram showing my live AV setup.

Click the small image to view larger.